Apr 11, 2014

Create The New Tins LOGO!

For the next two weeks, (April 11 to April 25) you have the opportunity to submit an original “The Tins” logo design! You can do this by posting your creation to our Facebook page or posting it to any other Tins' social media outlet (ie., Instagram, Twitter).

We will choose the logo that we feel best suits us once the competition has ended.

The winner will not only get an unbelievable prize package, but his/her work will become the NEW TINS LOGO (to be featured everywhere)!

Our Recommendations:

Think outside the box, and be as creative as possible. Nothing is off limits!

We are looking for something unusual yet exciting! Surprises are welcome!

 And that's everything! Very simple, but the potential is infinite. Let the right side of your brain take over, and unleash creative fury the likes of which the world has never seen!

Good Luck!