Buffalo, NY’s The Tins are a three piece that craft “tight, masterfully layered jams that build and fold into honest, captivating tracks.”(The Recommender) Keyboard player and vocalist Mike Santillo, drummer Dave Muntner, and guitarist and vocalist Adam Putzer met in an underground practice space at Binghamton University in New York.

Post-graduation found the trio tight on funds, and it was decided the best option was to relocate to a small loft above Mike Santillo Senior’s trucking company. Unfortunately, no one had set foot in the space for over a decade, and the band found themselves the proud residents of an unlivable hellhole, replete with dead birds and dead mice, moldy walls, rusty pipes, and an all-encompassing inch thick layer of dust. Determined to see their plan through, the band put music on hold and spent months gutting out and fully renovating the loft, living in the Santillo’s living room for the duration.

Going through such an arduous experience cemented the bond between the friends, and it should be noted that while they each hold a unique role in the band, The Tins are a true democracy; each member is a songwriter in his own right, and every Tins track is a fully collaborative creation. And their hard work paid off - the band now resides in a custom rehearsal studio / loft where they spend their time writing music. The Tins rehearse as loud and as often as they like – provided that it’s after 5pm and the trucking company below is closed.

The Tins released an eponymous EP in April of 2010, which NME called “extraordinarily moving,” and whose brevity caused Magnet to lament that “we understand that brand-new bands usually have very little material to offer at first, but for bands like the Tins, five tracks just aren’t enough.” They went on to share the stage with bands such as Tokyo Police Club, The Blow, Plants and Animals, and The Sam Roberts Band – driving to the shows in "Wild Stacy," a 1994 Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

“Life's A Gas,” their debut full length, was written by the band with Modest Mouse producer Joe Blaney. Melding flecks of art rock, new wave, and post-punk with massively catchy alternative rock foundations, the Tins “are destined for greatness. They reach back to rock and roll origins, and deliver the goods: Soulful guitar riffs and enchanting keyboard playing.” (We All Want Someone To Shout For)