"The jagged power pop of “If You Want to Navigate” is a world away from Queen’s bombast, but the catchy tune plays well with the clip’s muted black-and-white tones and oddball energy"

•    Entertainment Weekly

"It pays to listen to this full track, which starts softly but builds to brilliant pop exuberance around the 57-second mark."

•    USA Today

"The Tins tap into all the right sounds and all the right feelings on Life’s a Gas."

•    PopMatters

“Please Be Kind” highlights the band’s unique style with an overly catchy chorus and driving rhythm section. The group clearly possesses a strong familiarity with one another as each element blends together to create a unified and satisfying sound.”

 •    Paste Magazine

Jubilant harmonies, keyboard flourishes and relentless hook-filled rythms make selecting standouts challenging; Life’s a Gas bares many.” 

•    Performer Magazine

"That fact is that Life’s A Gas is a pretty solid and entertaining debut and, in my opinion, outShin(e)s The Shins’ latest effort." 

•    The Big Takeover

“an admirably vibrant and intriguing first offering from a band that appears to thrive on keeping listeners on their toes.” 

•    Brite Revolution

“Extraordinarily moving.” 

•    NME

“We understand that brand-new bands usually have very little material to offer at first, but for bands like the Tins, five tracks just aren’t enough. You’ll soon be anxiously awaiting more.” 

•    Magnet

“The Green Room” is a seven-minute mini-epic that perfectly spotlights the cross section of Radiohead and Wilco that The Tins mine. The song will remind you of when Modest Mouse was at the height of its powers. Its indie rock with a twangy sad heart and it’s awesome.” 

•    Popstereo

“Comparisons to Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown are inevitable, and surely welcomed by The Tins. You can do a lot worse than Spencer Krug.” 

•    Pretty Much Amazing

“The Tins are bloody fantastic!  A three piece out of Buffalo who might just have wandered into our new favourite band category with ease. Tight, masterfully layered jams, that build and fold into honest, captivating tracks such as these are actually very rare.” 

•    The Recommender (UK)

“The Green Room,” it turns out, is an epic piece of modern rock music. There are elements of new wave and progressive rock keyboards, but the song follows a wonderfully weird line of development. It sounds positively huge, a sound thrust into interstellar overdrive — freakishly strange, yet strangely familiar.” 

•    The Buffalo News

“The Tins are at the top of this decade’s freshman class, and take my word when I say they are destined for greatness. They reach back to rock and roll origins, and deliver the goods: Soulful guitar riffs and enchanting keyboard playing.” 

•    We All Want Someone To Shout For

“Green Room”, one of the songs off their debut EP, is a beautiful, slow building, seven minute melody based jam that the most seasoned of bands probably wish they would have come up with.” 

•    Baeblemusic

“Vicki” is wonderfully infectious! The music is great and engaging. Transitions and melding of styles and sounds are done so well, you don’t even consciously notice the changes, they just are. The whole track just feels so organic and easy! It’s a great track.” 

•    In Your Speakers